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Selling your home to strangers

In the2014 edition of its“Investing and Living Abroad” Observatory, Bnp Paribas International Buyers, the number one provider of real estate financing to non-residents (20% market share), develops a comprehensive analysis of the market for non-residents buying real estate in France.

According to them and,“against all odds, France ranks high, not only for its art of living and the beauty of its regions but also for its taxation…”.

The report confirms that the number of real estate transactions has decreased somewhat, but with a movement of buyers upmarket.

The British are consolidating their first place with nearly 25% of the transactions carried out (mainly in the greater west of France). Belgium, as in previous years, is close behind the United Kingdom. The latter is even more present in 3 regions, the North of France, Auvergne and Languedoc Roussillon.

The study also found that:

  • Acquisition costs are lower in France than in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Belgium.
  • French taxes on property income are comparable to those in Italy and Portugal. They are lower than in the United States.
  • In France, local taxes are relatively low compared to the United States.
  • In terms of real estate capital gains, the impact of the tax will be lower in France than in the United Kingdom (if the bill is passed, which is likely to come into force in 2015), equivalent to that of Portugal, and lower than in the United States.

Logically, the INTERNET has become an indispensable communication tool

to reach foreign customers

The IMMOFRANCE INTERNATIONAL website broadcasts your real estate ads between individuals on our sites and partners in France and abroad.
40 leading sites in their countries, 70 million potential buyers.

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95% of property buyers start their search on the Internet and now want to have access to as much information as possible in just a few clicks.

With a good mastery of the Internet and adapted tools, it is possible to meet these new needs, for all those who wish to enhance the value of their property.

Also, the increasing use of the Internet has allowed to put in contact individuals who could avoid many unnecessary costs.
To do this, we disseminate the ads of our customers on our sites but especially on the most popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Youtube, Dailymotion, Pinterest …) and thus enjoy a visibility of every moment directly on search engines through our work of premium SEO.

Broadcast your ad in French, English, Spanish and Russian, the most spoken languages in the world. Immofrance International broadcasts your ads in many languages for more visibility in the world, thanks also to our interactive videos.

To summarize, our clients benefit from a “mini-site”, as well as from a large diffusion.

You wish to sell between private individuals, in France or abroad your house, apartment, villa, castle:

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